From The Desk of the CEO Rabbani Muhammad

Nutritional Information and Health Benefits

Peace Be Unto all who are sheltered in and Quarantined be safe from the Spread of the Covid-19 that is spreading throughout the world in general and United States in particular. Corona virus is a super spreading virus that preys on the human organs that are weak. We are the richest country in the world but we are not heeding the advice of scientific data and historical documentation from experienced medical doctors and global scientists. In order to keep our families safe from harm it requires self-discipline.  To aid in strengthening your immune system, Black seed International has been producing, distributing, and making available our natural Abyssinian Platinum Black Seed Oil to families and our customers. Black Seed International, LLC is making great strides to educate American communities concerning  a  natural, historically used product to bolster the immune system of individuals of all ages. Black Nigella Sativa seeds have been used around the world for thousands of years, even in Ancient Egypt as a deterrent for those who have the risk of High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Inflammation of joints and to accelerate hair growth and treat scalp disorders. Black seed oil has also been used to bring relief to other conditions such as asthma, arthritis, and newly discovered viruses as well as fungus and inflammation.

Coming Soon:

-Aishah Davis is joining the Abyssinian Platinum team as our National Account Manager

-New products are on the way! We will soon be adding Abyssinian Platinum Black Seed Soap to our product line

-In the near future we will be adding essential oils to our product line

-Plans to set up conference calls and Zoom conferences to share and network concerning promotional techniques, strategies, direct marketing, and distributor training opportunities.

Black Seed Oil Products- Community Commerce:

Black Seed International is offering in its business strategic plan the opportunity to generate start-up businesses to our interested customers and clients. We are importing black seed oil from Ethiopia while traveling and discovering other products to add to our product line from such countries as Tanzania, Zanzibar, as well as the subcontinent of India. During our travel throughout Ethiopia discovered “White Honey”, a rare form of honey from the northern areas of Ethiopia, Black seed Soap, a variety of spices, teas and coffees. We have also identified spices not only in Ethiopia, but in Zanzibar, Tanzania and India.  We plan to add these products to our product line and incorporate them into our distribution network. We anticipate that this will provide extraordinary opportunities for those who want to be in business not having an economic base necessary for a business start-up. 

We have been importing Abyssinian Platinum Black seed oil going on two years. We import the highest grade seeds and oil to produce the highest quality of oil in the world. Our business model is to network and work with other local and national entrepreneurs who have products they wish to bring to market. We are making great strides by launching a new product in the Abyssinian Platinum family, we will soon be adding to our product line black seed soap. This soap is non-suds and is highly enriched in the natural oils of the Nigella sativa seeds. This Abyssinian Platinum product is used for skin ailments such as eczema, blackheads, pimples from acne, dry skin, and blemishes. It has deep cleansing properties for softer and more enriching skin cells. Native Ethiopians have been using black seed and black seed oil internally while using the soap and oil for skin and hair externally for centuries.


This is an invitation for anyone who wishes to join and or expand their efforts as a Black seed International, LLC distributor. Please contact us at Be safe and disciplined during this global pandemic and take this serious time to create business opportunities to help and heal. We here at Black seed International, LLC send greetings of peace to all of our distributors and consumers.

Abyssinian Platinum Black seed Oil The gateway to your Good Health”